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VAT query

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Despite being in practice for a number of years now, I try and avoid clients with overseas transactions on any large scale as I have never managed to feel comfortable with the subject of VAT when not straight forward UK transactions. There are too many 'this is the rule except when...' for my black and white brain to handle!!

I now have one client who runs a website which people can subscribe to, they could be from anywhere in the world, and could be businesses or individuals. They also sell advertising on the website, mainly to businesses but again they could be from anywhere in the world. The last part of the business is running (online) courses to anyone who signs up for them, likely to be individuals, although I guess some employers might pay for their staff to take part.

They have recently become VAT registered...

What on earth do I do about working out if the amounts charged for the various things should or shouldn't have a VAT element?

Many thanks for any helpful advice.


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