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Distinguish Yourself

ICB membership demonstrates a commitment to the bookkeeping profession. ICB members are expected to maintain their skills throughout their career through annual CPD targets and active participation in the organisation.

Becoming a member of ICB is like joining a club; with strong on-going professional support, unlimited technical, legal and tax advice, and exclusive discounts on business and personal shopping.

Regular local events and the online forum make it fun and easy to meet other bookkeepers, make friends, and stay motivated.

Membership Benefits

ICB Membership Grades

  • Affiliate Member AfICB
  • Associate Member AICB - Certified Bookkeeper
  • Member MICB - Certified Bookkeeper
  • Fellow FICB - Certified Bookkeeper

ICB awards the protected title, Certified Bookkeeper, to Associate Members, Members and Fellows who have completed advanced qualifications in bookkeeping. The designation demonstrates competence and provides a reliable benchmark for businesses, government and the public.

Routes to Membership

Experienced bookkeepers and beginners alike have the opportunity to join ICB based on qualifications and/or experience. Complete beginners can register as a student and take ICB's assessments and examinations in order to qualify for membership; experienced bookkeepers can become members based on their existing qualifications and experience.  Click the button below to find out how to become a member of ICB.

Become a Member of ICB


ICB members are encouraged to develop as bookkeepers as well as members, through a compulsory programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and the opportunity to become more involved in ICB through contributing to the Branch Meetings and Advisory Council, or by attaining Fellowship.

Membership Development

A Regulated Profession

Since 2007, any person offering a bookkeeping, accounting or payroll adminstration service must have a valid licence issued by an HM Treasury appointed supervisor, such as ICB.

Bookkeepers in Public Practice

From the ICB Chief Executive

"Being a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers says more about you than just having a qualification ever could. It proves that you are confident enough to submit yourself to continuous scrutiny from the leading organisation within your profession.

"Throughout the world the bookkeeper's contribution to sound financial management is recognised and respected as an invaluable component of good business, not only by business owners and managers but also by firms of accountants and auditors who need to work from figures that they can trust.

"Here at ICB we feel strongly that our role is not just to award qualifications and set standards in bookkeeping: it is to support and encourage you throughout your career as a bookkeeper, to promote the bookkeeping profession to a wider audience and to lobby government to ensure that your profession receives increasing recognition.

"As a member you will receive the continued support of the world's largest bookkeeping institute. We are here to help our members and welcome the opportunity to give advice and guidance. The free technical and legal advice that will be yours as a right of membership mean that there is always someone to talk to, discuss key issues with and, above all, to encourage you.

"The ICB crest is recognised around the world as a mark of quality and excellence. Chartered Accountants know that our members have been properly qualified to support their staff and their clients. Companies of all sizes know that the high standards we expect ensure that our members can be trusted, whether in a large business working as part of a financial team or in a smaller business where they may well be the only qualified person.

"Our members in practice enjoy outstanding success working with a vast range of small and medium sized businesses. Some members choose to take on only a few clients because they are still busy with other commitments, like bringing up a family. Some may expand to take on additional staff and move into office premises as their businesses grow. The choice is yours. Whatever you decide, your ICB membership will make you stand out as a professional.

"Whether you are a newly qualified member with little experience, or someone who has been in the profession for years but has previously not had the strong support that this institute provides, membership makes you count.

"Our members tell us that we are approachable, friendly and helpful. Our commitment to you is to stay that way as we continue to grow."

Garry Carter
Chief Executive ICB Global





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If we are unable to award exemptions based on your qualification or experience, you can take our examinations to gain membership.

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If you are an experienced bookkeeper or have comparable qualifications, you may be able to gain an exemption from ICB examinations.

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Professional status, global recognition, support, exclusive discounts, and the kinship of the world’s biggest bookkeeper community.

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Find out what happens at, and how you can be involved in, the world's biggest gathering of bookkeepers.

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