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Avalara MTD bridging software

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Has anyone used the Avalara Bridging Software?

I'm just working my way through it.

I have a client that is 1 Ltd company but has 2 parts to it and runs 2 separate software systems to do the accounts. Which obviously then causes issues with MTD.

I can download the figures into Excel, but then I'm left with 2 separate spreadsheets... Avalara can't map like that.

I can take one of the worksheets and place it in the same excel file as the other (not sure if this contravenes the MTD no copying and pasting rules?!) But I can't get Avalara to accept mapping to 2 different sheets for 1 box using a simple + formula.

So then I thought ok I'll create a 3rd sheet and use formulas to add the 2 sheets together into 1 figure for each box. But Avalara will only map to cells which contain numbers and not formulas, their solution to this seems to be copy and paste special to remove the formula and leave just the value behind....but surely this is entirely defeating the point as there is no digital link then?!!

Does anyone have any wise thoughts on Avalara? Or indeed on alternative bridging software?

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