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B3 Exam with Quickbooks Online & Xero

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Hi everyone

I'm trying to decide on which software to use for this exam!

Ideally I want to use Quickbooks from a future professional perspective; however obviously need to find a good software that will allow me to get through the exams!

Has anyone used Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop and passed the computerised exams? Same with Xero?

Thanks a lot Smile

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Hi MisAps


I am studying through Training Link and they supply a student copy of Sage 50 v.22.  Looking at the exams to date they have all appeared to be around this as the main software.  I am only doing BA4 so no expert! I would personally suggest using Sage, but I don't know who you are studying through or what access you have.  It is expensive but very thorough. Hope this helps



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I find it bizzare that ICB promotes practices to be modern and encourages us to use cloud-based accounting systems (specifically Xero - in fact ICB uses Xero for their own accounting system).

YET the exams are based on dinosaur accounting system SAGE, where hard up students have to buy such rubbish at exorbitant prices. I know I had to and never used rubbish software since.

Come on ICB you can do better than that. Ditch Sage for your exams. Partner up with Xero, I am sure they would be more than willing. Gary from Xero is at the Summit - do the deal and lead the way.

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Hi both,

Thanks for your responses.

I don't have any enthusiasm for Sage to be honest and would prefer not to use this if possible, especially as it costs a fortune!

I'm studying on my own and just taking the exams as I'm already AAT qualified (long before the insistance of computerised bookkeeping exams!) but decided to also qualify in ICB purely from a revisit perspective plus the additional optional modules would be very helpful to me Smile

I've just made the decision that I'm going to give the exam a whirl using one or the other and will see what happens, if I can't pass it I'll rethink and go again.

Thanks both Smile

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Hi. I was struggling to find a software for B3 last month. Without much help, I decided to go with xero but the software wasnt able to let me print out the requested reports as asked by the assessment paper. I switched to quickbooks half way of my assessment and it’s been brilliant! I’m still waiting for my result, hoping to get it soon. Estimated getting it by early Decembers I am also self study as my acca qualification was posed. How are you doing so far? 

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Thanks for the feedback on Quickbooks :) Good Luck on your exam!

Did you use Desktop or Online in the end?

Been quite straightforward so far, I've managed to get through the first two exams in a few weeks and hoping to sort this computerised one out the way before Christmas then can move up a level (I'm quite interested in getting Level 3 out of the way and tackling the optional modules too which is a fabulous feature of the ICB!)

I'm finding it quite enjoyable revisiting and working towards my end aim which is fab :)

How are you getting on so far? :)

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