The ICB Advisory Council of members was set up to provide informed advice and independent support to the ICB Executive and to identify and clarify standards.

"Joining the Advisory Council gives members a unique opportunity to meet with other members to debate important issues that can have a real impact on how ICB develops policy and moves forward as an organisation. Members are able to join working groups that undertake to consider a wide range of current topics and produce policy recommendations for consideration by the ICB Board. Recent subjects have included CPD, Members in Employment, the forum, and new examination syllabuses.

Anyone who has their own ideas, or who simply wants to give something back to the Institute and become more involved, should seriously consider standing for election."

Council Chairman, Stuart Morris FICB

Members of the Advisory Council are voted in from the ICB membership and are expected to apply the experience and judgement from their individual backgrounds to the questions considered by the Advisory Council and in doing so actively contribute to improving the quality and integrity of ICB.

Advisory Council meetings provide a forum for open debate, authoritative questioning and active involvement in ICB and the service it offers to members.

Time Commitment

The Advisory Council meets twice a year for lunch and an afternoon of heated discussions at ICB Headquarters in London. Seats on the Council are voluntary and no fee is paid, though travel expenses are reimbursed. 

Advisory Council members are expected to attend two meetings each year and need to be able to deal in a timely manner with the reading of substantial Advisory Council documents.

Members of the Council will be expected to join working groups to formulate reports and recommendations to the council and fulfill the requirements of the Advisory Council Terms of Reference.

PDF downloadICB Advisory Council Terms of Reference

Election Cycle

Associate Members, Members and Fellows of at least two years' good standing can send in an application to be put forward for the vote which takes place in May of each year.  Voting is open to ICB students and members.

March    Call for applications
April  Deadline for applications
May  Online voting takes place
June  New Advisory Council announced

How to apply

Associate Members, Members and Fellows of at least two years' good standing can send in an application to be put forward for the vote.

Please send an email to memberservices@bookkeepers.org.uk by 30th April together with:

  1. Max 600 word profile with reasons why you wish to be part of the council, including relevant experience and any notable achievements
  2. Name and ICB Number of atleast one supporting ICB member (Associate, Member Fellow of a minimum 2 years' good standing)
  3. Copy of passport or driving licence (if not already held by ICB)

You will receive an email to confirm your application has been received and your submitted profile may be published to the ICB website as part of the voting process.


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