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BIK P11D help please

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It's been a long time since I've had to prepare P11D's for anything other than company cars, so my brain is a bit fried, I wonder if anyone can help?

The company provides Perkbox for the staff.  The annual cost to the company is £94.60 per staff member so needs to be included on the P11D.  My query is - I have members of staff who only joined the scheme part way through the year so their "cost" is less than £50.  Can I use the trivial benefits exemption for this or do I still need to include on the P11D?

I also have the same issue with private healthcare.  The annual cost is over the £50 limit, but some members only started part way through the year, so the cost is less than £50.  Can I use trivial benefits in this instance too?

Grateful for your thoughts.




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