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ICB Support?

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Call this support?

I have been a member for 5 years and had a flourishing business before the pandemic hit us all.  Since then it has been a real struggle to get business, and the costs of running a limited company have become too much.  So I have made the decision to make my limited company dormant and continue my business as a sole trader. 

This means I have to re-register with the ICB as a new entity. Not a problem I thought. My limited company was registered to the 31st March and my sole trader business began on the 1st April.  Except that the renewal went through before I had a chance to stop it and when I contacted them I was told that all renewals are non-refundable! 

I'm absolutely gutted that I've spent £150 on a renewal that should not have happened.  And more to the point, I simply don't have another £150.00 to spend.  I really feel that instead of supporting my business, the ICB have let me down terribly.

I can't find anywhere on the website to make a complaint - so here it is.

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Hi Laura,

I am sorry you feel like you have not been supported by ICB.  Please could you email me via and we can arrange to discuss your concerns.

Kind Regards


ICB Director of Professional Standards

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