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Gap between ICB levels

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I studyed and passed L2 back in 2011 and want to continue with study now. Can i start where i left off and start with L3 or do i need to redo anything due to the time it's been since my last level.


Any help would be great.

Thank you



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Hi! We'd love to help you restart. I'm afraid you need to take each exam within five years of the last exam so you would need to retake them. If you have a training provider there may also be able to help but might charge a restart fee.

ICB also welcomes bookkeepers with verifiable work expereince or other relevant qualifications to apply for exemptions from the exams so, if you think that might apply to you, please visit the exemption route page of the website or just give us a call on 0203 405 4000

All of our exams are available online and on-demand, even the final invigilated M8 exam can be taken at home.

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