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Exit Plan

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Hi All

I thought I may start a new thread to see if anyone else is currently considering an exit/retirement plan.  

I love what I do and feel a huge responsibility to my clients but the past couple of years have made me look hard at how I fully retire.  I plan to be fully retired by 67, which is frightenly just 7 years away, I expect a natural loss of some clients, I do not plan on taking any new clients on board, and will work on a workable plan with my remaining clients inthe last year or so to ensure they are looked after once I stop working.  

All that sounds easy but how do you make it work when you have ungoing costs with software, fees, insurance etc along with the pressures of ongoing training, MLR and administration.  Currently I only work part time and my cost base is already high compared to my income so reducing clients may not make financial sense.

Does anyone else have experience of exit strategies and how to make them work or currently considering something similar.  

It would be great if ICB could consider adding exit strategies to their Summit talks as I am sure there are a lot of members out there that are considering this process.  


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