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Church Bookkeeeping

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Dear All,

I have just had a meeting with of local church which has been left in the lurch by their Treasurer. The Treasurer has disappeared and is not communicating with the vicar or churchwardens. No bookkeeping has been done since Jan 2019. The issue I have is they have been using a system called Data Developments which we now have access to. What I am asking does anyone out there have experience of this system as really does not seem user-friendly, and am unable to find any online training other than it up and importing the data, or should i move it to Quick books online which I currently use for other clients. Thank you in advance


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Hi Penny,

I have used Data Developments - it can be good for fund accounting.  At the time (over 5 years ago), I wasn't doing much else, so one gets used to what one knows.  Don't know I can help much now though as it's so long ago.  The person who took over from me went back to spreadsheets, so I know not everyone would find it straightforward.

What I would recommend is ACAT - Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers  They may be willing to pass your details on to someone who is using that software regularly and would be willing at least to help you extract the bits you need in order to move it elsewhere.

I've found Xero good enough for fund accounting - using the tracking options, as I still deal with a number of church related charities.  I expect Quickbooks has a similar function.

All the best,


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