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Sage 50- Supplier Payment posted to account but not paid from the bank

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Hi All

I am looking for some help on what is the best way of dealing with an issue in sage 50.

A payment has been posted to a supplier ledger in preparation of the payment being made from the bank, however for whatever reason the txt file in the bank was not authorised and it turns out that the payment was never sent.

The Creditors ledger shows that it is clear as the payment has been posted in Sage but the customer has never received the payment.

The payment is in a prior period, which is the best way to deal with correcting the creditors ledger, I will be making the payment maually via the bank to ensure that the supplier is paid

Many thanks

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Hi Kay

Technically, the creditors account is not clear as the payment wasn't actually made. I don't post payments unless they are made by my clients. I've learnt this by going through the pain you are now experiencing! Can you go into transactions and amend the payment date to the actual date you will make the payment? Alternatively, go into the bank module and refund it through supplier refund. Then post it agin when you make the payment. I'm presuming you are using Accounts 50...? 

I hope this helps!

Kind regards


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