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Cashflow software

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I have a client using QuickBooks on line who wishes to have an integrated system to update their cash flow forecast whenever they raise a Purchse Order or Customer Estimate. The amounts involved are significant (up to £100K) and in effect they are committed to the expenditure whenever gthey raisde a PO but before the supplier's bill is received.

They use a cumbdersome set of spreadhssets at the moment but are looking gor something more user friendly preferably something he MD can access on his phone.

I have been looking at CashFlow Frog and wonder if anyone has experience of using this or any other CashFlo software or has any ogther suggestions.


Thanks all


Peter R

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Hi Peter,

I don't use any cashflow software but it may be worth checking out both Float and Profitsee which are ICB accredited (if you go to resources on the website and select accredited products you can download a review of each which has been written by an ICB member after rigorous testing).  the other you could check out is Fluidly who did a great pitch at last year's summit.


Hope you find soemthing that works for your client.



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