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VAT RATE - EU Private Customers ?

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Good Morning hopefully someone can help, not sure if i am just missing the point here ....

Level 2, unit 11 

When referring to VAT and a Private customer is it possible to mean what it means by a private customer ? i can not seem to see anything in the unit  notes only where this came up as an answer task3 unit 11

So does this mean if it is a private customer, regardless of whether its EU or not would i charge 20%

I dont know if i have completely over thought with mentioning of a PRIVATE CUSTOMER






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Hi Gemma

I didn't understand what you were trying to ask, but I'm presuming you don't know what a private customer is? A private customer is someone like you or me buying goods from a company. If that company is VAT registered, they have to charge us 20% whether we lived here in the UK or somewhere else in the EU. If we lived outside the EU (the UK is still part of the EU), then they wouldn't charge us VAT.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards



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