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Hi , 

just wondering if there are any plans to have branch meetings in Northumberland , i would like to attend meetings but the closest ones to me are a bit of a trek. 

Is there anyone else who would be interested in meetings in Northumberland ?

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Hi Stephen


The branch usually meet monthly at Washington Business Centre, we've ran the meetings in this area for a few years now.  Over my time as branch chair we have organised some meetings 'the other side of the river' but haven't had a very good take up to be honest.  This location is just off the A19 and close to the A1M.


What area are you in Northumberland?  It has been suggested by another member who does travel down from Morpeth area to have a meeting closer to that area?


I don't mind travelling if people are interested?


Kind Regards


(Branch Chair; Tyne & Wear Branch)

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Hi Susan,

Sorry I seem to have missed your reply, I’m in the Morpeth area too . 

Probably not worth it though if there wouldn’t be enough interest.  Not sure how many members there are in the Northumberland area





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