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Payroll - MyPAYE Ltd or Brightpay

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I am starting to get more payroll enquiries now.  In the past, I have used clients own software, but I am now looking to get a bureau licence.  

As a sole practioner, it is important to me that the software is cloud based to give me flexibilty on where I am working.

I use Exact Online and so am drawn to the link that can be set up between Exact and MyPAYE Ltd.  I also like the look of Brightpay and understand that if you point the company files to cloud based storage, this operates as though it were cloud software.

Wondering if anyone has experience in this area and could offer any advice?



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Hi Penny 

I use My PAYE Ltd Payroll Bureau.  This is my third year and really is the true cloud payroll.   Personally when I look every year at all the payroll software. Sage Payroll Bureau and My Paye Ltd blow the others away.   

  On that note, I can not believe that ICB did not list My PAYE Ltd as one of the best payrolls.    Whatever you chose to use try them out and don,t pick the one with the largest marketing budget.  I guarantee it is not an indicator of how good they are. 


But I do have to say My Paye Ltd is the best cloud software I ever invested in and is the only true cloud payroll totally based on a website online that is true payroll bureau. 

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Hi Penny,


I think it all depends on your budget and the functionality you need.  There are a number of cloud based products available now. 

Personally I use KeyPay under a partner license and I also use Payroo as it is free under 10 employees. Both have great features and serve different purposes for clients. 


Brightpay isn't cloud based, it is still very much a desktop based application, it just connects to a cloud portal. Brightpay is a great piece of software though. 


Best thing to do, is to look around, if you have time sign up to trials and give the software a try. 

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