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How to get hold of Software for A3 exam

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I am studying on my own and need software for the A3 exam - my work place does not allow access to there's to use for the exam. I have just got hold of Quickbooks and I cannot enter the opening balances for customers/suppliers as individual items. I work with Xero, but cannot use it for my exam.

Is there a software out there that I can use for the exam even though I am not attached to a training provider?

What to do? 

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Hello Helena


I don't know if you're still searching for an accounting software to use for your exams, if so have you searched online for software that is free to use for small businesses, sole proprietors and freelancers such as Quickfile, Pandle, Wave Accounting, GnuCash, or Bokio? Here are some links to web articles which lists some free software and provides the pros and cons of each one.

This Accountancy Age article mentions some free softwares in it:


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