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If you use Xero I need your help - Add logos to Ask Queries/Templates/Emails etc to build client TRUST

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I learned today that I could add links from Xero Ask client query templates into Practice Ignition proposals - really useful for gathering clients records, and AML information, before you actually start on the work.

When I tested what I was sending, it all came through with white backgrounds. There is no branding/logo's in the email that the client receives, not on the webpage that opens up to submit the answers.

I think it would benefit the clients, some of whom are new to using me, recognise who the email is from and give them confidence that they are replying to someone that they trust. There are enough email scams around, help our clients distinguish us as someone to be trusted.

I spent time calling the client to tell them that I was sending the query, and what it would look like, and that it was safe for them to upload data, as I would receive it securely. However, I believe that this is defeating one of Xero's key objectives to save accountants and bookkeepers time!




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