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Software Recommendations for Registered Charity?

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Hi, I am working with a registered charity to sort out a bit of a quagmire of historic bookkeeping mess.  They currently use QuickBooks Online but there are years of historically unreconciled data and duplicated transactions which are muddying the water and the bank accounts have not been properly reconciled in years.  I am relatively new to QBO myself, and I have little experience of the other major players out there, so I wonder if anyone has any views about what software works best for charities which have to report on charitable activities etc.

The charity has membership and other income coming through about 6 main channels, including paypal and GoCardless and has multiple bank accounts.  It should all be pretty straightforward but the evidence I see in QuickBooks Online is that the (now ex-) staff have found it anything but straightforward.  I am likely to recommend a change of software (new broom sweeps clean and all that) from 1 April.

Also up for considering automated processing like ReceiptBank and others...

Many thanks in anticipation of some good tips here!


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I have a sight charity as a client and I use QuickBooks Online for them. I'm old school (!) so I think the only way you can really sort this is to go back to a point when the banks were reconciled and work forward. Even moving to a new software will involve posting balances from the existing QBO software, so you'd have to suffer the pain anyway!

I find QBO very easy to use (having moved the client from Sage a couple of years ago). I think all the softwares are much of a muchness....if you put garbage in, you'll get garbage out!

Jolly good luck!!!


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I agree with Hazel that even if you start afresh you still need something to start from. Yes it's painful but you do have to go back to when you know it was right and then work slowly forwards, deleting duplicates and reconciling (ie locking) a month at a time.

of course the bank is only one side - you may still have people owing money depending on the circumstances.

Good luck !

Ps love QB. expecially the new tagging 

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