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Taking the M7 exam and choice of accounting software

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HI all


Has anyone got any recommendations on what software to use or not use for the M7 examination.


I have access to both Xero and Sage 50c but was wondering if the reports are adequate.


As I don't know what is expected I am undecided what to use.


The main reason for my question is I prefer Xero but am worried if i choose Xero i may not be able to complete the exam.


Once started there is no going back eeeekk!!





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Hi there,

You actually only need bookkeeping software for the A3 exam. The M7 is a bit different from the old ABA8 (which did use software). If in doubt I'd double-check the syllabus and then do a mock paper. They are a simulation of the real exam.

The syllabus is on this page:

and mocks are in the Shop:

and you can always give our lovely team a call on 0203 405 4000 if you need any help.


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