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New Microsoft Edge released Wednesday 15th January

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What does everyone else think of the New Microsoft Edge released on Wednesday? 

I love when something new comes along. I absolutely love the new Microsoft Edge released this week. With its great new logo. Microsoft has rebuilt its new browser on the Chromium open source project. IT experts are reporting greater security than google chrome on sites tracking. It is super fast and really clean and sharp look, works fab on my iPhone and Desktop.

I am sold and I have set up all the computers with the new productive page.   Loads of new extensions and it works with all the google extensions as well as Microsoft store extensions  layouts and all my cloud packages seem to work faster on Windows 10

I love the new logo for Edge really clean and Smart and looks like the planet. Microsoft


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I love this geek speak Sarah! I haven't tried Microsoft's new browser yet..maybe I will on the strength of your recommendation. Wink

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