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MTD Bridging software

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I have a client who will need a tempory MTD bridging software to submit his VAT for MAY 18 to July 18 Quarter before he moves over to Xero as of 1st Aug.

Can anybody recomend a Bridging sotware, where I can get it, how it is set up, & how much it would cost.

I was hoping that the HMRC would have something we could use, but cannot see anything available as yet.

Thanks for any suggestions

Alistair Moffat

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There are various bridging software. E filing 123 is available. Costs aprrox 7.99 per return. spreadsheet information based as well.

HMRC has a list of software which should do the job.

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Hi Alistair,


Quickbooks will be shortly releasing their bridging software which can cater for non-quickbooks clients.

A webinar is being held on Friday 1st March to demonstrate, you can sign up here -, scroll to the bottom of the page to register.


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