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my first Self Assesment

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Hello, could you please help me with my case. As Employee I have £100 tax still to pay. As SE I earn £755 but my Expenses was about £1000. I submited all informations from P60 and all statements etc. But HMRC still says I have to give back £100 for my tax. what have I done wrong? I was sure expenses from SE covered overpaid tax. Thank you for your advice.

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Hello Dominika,

You have not given enough information for anyone to be able to respond with any meaningful explanation.

I can only assume that according to your P60 you have used up your full tax allowance for the year which would mean any SE income would result in a tax liability.

If this is correct then going by the figures you have given for SE of £2000 income less £1000 expenses would result in further taxable income of £1000 which at 20% tax would be £200 due to HMRC.

However, as I say without the full details one can only make a guess which is of no use really!

In answer to your question - what have I done wrong? - you should have engaged a professional to do your tax return.

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Hi Domika 

As moderator I had to remove your post.  Unfortunatley you put up very private and confidential inofrmation as a reply which is open to to Google viewing.  This part of the forum you have raised your question is not private and for your own safety of your records I have removed it. 

We have a find the bookkeeper and I sure there will be one close to you that you can ring and discuss and discuss fees. 

I have attached the find a bookkeeper link on here for you.

I hope you understand that your safety and records are important to the ICB 

Kind regards 




 Post from 25th Jan 2016

As a moderator 

I notice your post from the 25th Jan 2016

"Could you support me. I am looking for any option I can submit online self assessment for new customer through my agent online account without waiting for authorisation code for new customer. Esspessial when 31 January is coming. Any sotware etc?"

Dominnaka this is a site for bookkeepers who are qualified.  If you would like to contact the ICB about running a practice or futher qualifications and MLR the number is 020 7398 4440 .  Can I advise that if you are not qualified you should not be completing clients returns. 


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