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P46 replacement ?

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Can anyone help me please,

I've been employed and have a P45 dated until I left (20/01/15) for previous employment. I've since been self employed.

Now I'm getting a new job and I can't get the 'starter checklist' that replaces P46 to load....I don't know what I'm supposed to produce for my employers at the moment. I gave them the P45 but they said it was too old? (cant get thid to load - wont let me right click and save either?)

Any help would be truly appreciated.


(hope that made sense)


Thanks in advance!



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Hi Sions,

I have a pdf of this if you give me your email address I will forward a copy to you.


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Marilyn - you're a life saver!


My email address is - thank you so much.


Just been on the phone with HMRC for 30 mins and they couldn't get the link to load either / had no alternatives for me.


Thanks again!! 



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